Sunday, 15 October 2017

May - October

What can I say? I have travelled through Spring and Summer and now Autumn is coming closer every day.

There has been the most beautiful full moon, during which time I seem to have little need of sleep. I wake very early and catch the world whilst it is sleeping.

I feel constantly peaceful and have little need of other people. Is this a good thing? It seems so to me. I have so many characters inside my imagination from the stories I write, I am never lonely.
I have seen many clear blue skies, listened to innumerable  dawn choruses, sat amongst the sand dunes and watched bees buzzing from flower to flower.

I have taken the colours from around my home this year and painted and made jewellery as is my way.

This year is all about my work.

I have watched the ebb and flow of the tides every day and taken photographs of the changing colours across the river.
I continue to take photographs, though now on my iphone - so much more exciting than my first Box Brownie camera.

I take my images over to RedBubble and make prints on acrylic blocks and canvases and wrap them around very boring white ceramic mugs. This one of compressed cardboard boxes that once contained fruit looks particularly good. I also make cushions there and cards.
Bella was very ill during the summer - she is now 12 and we thought that she was just slowing down as her age increased but no - she had a pyometra - and had 1 and a half kilos of puss and blood removed along with her womb. She was initially misdiagnosed as having arthritis and being excessively fat by the first vet who examined her. The second vet came to her rescue.

She is now like a 5 year old - ready for everything that live has to offer.
Whilst looking after Bella - I found my comfort zone with Jane Austin and Pride and Prejudice.
Sometimes the most inspiring of things show up when walking.
I was asked to make a 3 foot diameter papier mache tray. Traditional methods and hours of work.

 I love my cave of a kitchen.
 And my studio that overlooks the every-day opera of life on the street.

I have to take you to a garden.
It is essential that you tell our friends.

I have one lifetime only here.
There is a void and then a vision.
The summer rain is felt as music.

The water and the wind whisper through Eternity, a language that we dream of.
Above the mist, behind the storm, beneath the rain.
Together in a thousand moments.
A delicate symphony of light, like diamonds shine and play.

Shadows fall away. Beauty would be these and death sweet, not sad.

All an elaborate chain of life.
All an elaborate chain of love.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

January, February and March - April 2017

Where does all the time go? Spring is on her way and my resident Blackbird is singing as evening falls at the end of another very productive day.
But what happened in the dark days of Winter? For me a sort of semi-hibernation - at least lots of sleep, something I hardly ever do but it has been so beneficial. I kept thinking of all those bears tucked up for the duration. I think it does us a lot of good as we get older. I see it as giving time to the processes of renewal and rebuilding and to dreams, of course. Recently my dreams have been almost as good as seeing a great film, coherent and adventurous.
Workwise I have been adding a new venture - porcelain jewellery. I think I mentioned in another post that I discovered a wonderful group of people - mainly women, who love to pot. It just gets better as we get to know one another. I have been making two trays - slab built to hold my pieces in the kiln and hundreds of beads, earring, pendants, bracelets and brooches. These will be a limited edition as we say.
New Work
I have been working on a range of Silver jewellery with fragments of my paintings set under resin.
New Work
At the end of last summer I went down to the South of France with my daughter, to explore favourite haunts and to discover new ones. I took a lot of photographs and made quite a few paintings plus revised aspects of a story I am writing that is set along that coast. These are some pieces of jewellery that emerged from my time there. They really do echo the colours and movement of so many aspects of nature and culture.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

November and December 2016

Preparing for Winter - preening on the River Exe.
To London.
To the V&A - my first stop on arrival on a very rainy day in London. My train arrives at Paddington so getting to the V&A on such a day means that I need not get wet at all if I am prepared to descend into the underground and then along tunnels to enter my haven.
This is a mishmash of entries as shortly after arriving in London I inadvertently became host to one of this season's viruses. Oh, how I could live without it. I have a collection of photos to edit but have run out of time as now it is the season of Christmas catch up and making sure that galleries are stocked with jewellery.
I am reconnecting to my days, long ago, when I worked with clay - porcelain to be exact. Over the years, I have followed the thread of my imagination using many different mediums and it feels a little like coming home to be handling earthenware and porcelain clays once more. 
I discovered a small pottery group quite by chance last summer when I was putting leaflets out in neighbouring villages for my Open Studio. I was invited to go along and see for myself - well, it reminded me of working in one of those rather lovely old ram-shackled studios - the sort of place you might have been lucky enough to have found a degree course being run in the 1960's in the U.K. Except we were all just that much older but more importantly - we are all on the same plane. The atmosphere was fantastic so I joined. So every Thursday morning I travel down river to Lympstone and re-connect to another me.
Travelling around so much was the main reason why I found myself devising an alternative method to porcelain by using a fine papier-mache paste/clay that I could harden with resin - no kiln required. 
But true porcelain is a different world and now I have access to a small kiln I am making pieces with a view to creating a new collection next Spring. 

Sunday, 23 October 2016

September 2016

September has been a lovely month down here in Devon and just that much sunnier in the South of France. One of my favourite places is that stretch of coast between Nice and Monaco and the hills behind. Monte Carlo tends to make me very uneasy. However, time spent walking and swimming here can be very simply spent. It can be very peaceful. This time, I went with my daughter, so that made it all perfect.

I am writing a story that has parts of it set down here so I wanted to check up on details. There's already a story waiting to be told in the photos above.

I also had the desire to try to capture some of the key colours that I could use in a new range of jewellery I am working on. This way of working matters, I imagine, more to me than to anyone else. I need to make the colour associations real. Most everyone else, naturally associates their own memories and preferences for these colours and that is as it should be - colour lives in our souls and thank goodness, it is a universal language, with all of its associations.
When I came back home, I set to work in the studio and settled on 16 colours t begin with. And one perfect matt black square box to display them in. The thing that absolutely thrilled me was the fact that they appear to be backlit. They quite literally dance with vibrant colour and vitality. I am so pleased. Can you match the pieces with their inspirational colours?

One thing that I am all too well aware of with static photography is that it is just that - static. My next technical foray will be into a moving, albeit momentarily, image that may go some way to conveying what they really look like.

Incidentally - what may appear to be tiny air bubbles in the resin, are in fact, tiny points of light, thrown up from the minuscule particles that make the iridescent inks iridescent. In reality, they catch the light and appear to move, in the same way that a peacock or a magpie feathers do, or butterfly's wings. Photography catches them in mid-flight.

And of course, colours on a screen will differ from screen to screen somewhat. There is a really noticeable difference between Azure and Marine believe it or not.
Lemony Green







Chilli Red









square black box with velvet insert

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