Friday, 4 January 2013

Preparing to move.

Having to move out of home, studio and garden with no time to catch my breath or even think clearly, I decided to simplify life. Lovely friends are providing me with space in their old stone barn on the edge of Dartmoor to store my furniture, books, pot and pans etc, etc. Another perfect friend has said that I can transplant my precious roses and perennials into pots and find a temporary home for them somewhere in her nursery. She has even offered to water them when the weather is hot and sunny, if that should ever be the case after the second wettest year on record.
I whizzed down to Falmouth with my daughter to look for a room in a house on Wednesday and low and behold the first place I arranged to view was the one. I shall start to transplant some of my paints, brushes and books this weekend. If I were ever to own a home in Falmouth, then it would be pretty identical to this one. For me it is a home from home. I feel very blessed. I shall be able to write at the kitchen table and look out over Flushing or tend the garden that moves in terraces towards the water and work on the deck that gazes across the estuary and lighthouse. It is a peaceful, artistic haven.
But today I shall be working out how many pallets are needed to create a separate section in the barn, collect said pallets and organize packing cases and bubble wrap for books. I have a library! If the weather is fine I shall also make a start on potting my roses. Some plants can come and live in Falmouth, certainly the Camelias, who will love the semi-shaded tropical garden. They will help to make what is already a little paradise even more so.

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