Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Transferring Ink Jet Images onto Papier Mâché Clay

This is a technique that I have thought about a lot and experimented with a lot less until now. I am working on a series of wall pieces and jewellery made using this method for our ( the HANDS group ) From Paper to Digitization exhibition in May 2014 at Seale-Hayne.
This LINK initially demonstrates how this technique is used on potters clay but it can also be transferred onto papier-mâché clay.
It is outlined here so far as transferrable techniques for papier-mache clay are concerned. My own photographs will follow. 

Years ago, in an attempt to incorporate digital photography into my clay work, I began experimenting with image transfer processes. I began working with Xerox transfers and decals with some degree of success. But one day I accidentally stumbled across a water-based process so simple and direct that it’s become the single-most-used method for most of my current transfer work. Unlike other processes involving a laser printer, Xerox machine, and/or chemical solvents, this water-based process can be done with an inkjet printer or any water-based media. Consequently it’s nose, skin, and, yes, even kid friendly.
You can see where I am going to go with this - 

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